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But the thing about cyproterone is that it is a synthetic anti-male hormone -- a drug that knocks the man right out of you by blocking puberty itself. According to Dr. French House, the drug stopped body hair from growing and affected bone growth, leaving Michael with a boyish, narrow, hairless body. Most importantly, cyproterone kept the larynx from growing, which was why Michael's voice never changed, why he kept singing throughout his teens without a hitch and why as a full grown man he had a three-octave range.

I’m definitely going to give the apple chips a try – I think my kids will really enjoy them. They are great way to make plain ol’ apples a little more fun! Thanks for sharing.

These human and animal companions make your wretched time on this crumbling planet marginally bearable. Blow some quality cash on them this season.

Setting aside the fact that the manufacturer of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups has not announced the demise of the product, the article bears some of the hallmarks of fake news: the manufacturer is not named; no location is given for the press conference; no representative of the company is named; a quote purportedly taken from a press conference is not attributed to anyone; and the article is poorly written, featuring inappropriate exclamation marks, missing words, and grammatical mistakes. 

My daughter concluded, “I would rather have less salty (A) for longer than super salty (B) for a short period of time.” Both definitively preferred the flavor of the grassfed butter, praising a more complex and longer lasting flavor. In contrast the organic butter seemed overly salty and simple in flavor profile.

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I found some new information on the Jiffy / Jif peanut butter question. The man who created what is now called Jif Peanut Butter was William T. Young, who was from Lexington, Kentucky. He also bred horses , or at least he did after Jiffy Peanut Butter and other business ventures made him very rich. I found this out in a kind of backward way. I googled “Jiffy Peanut Butter” and came across a reference to a horse of the same name. Here is the horse’s pedigree.

Peanut Butter Conspiracy The Great ConspiracyPeanut Butter Conspiracy The Great ConspiracyPeanut Butter Conspiracy The Great ConspiracyPeanut Butter Conspiracy The Great Conspiracy