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In 1987, Orbison rerecorded the song as a duet with . lang as part of the soundtrack for the motion picture Hiding Out . Their collaboration won the Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals . The duet version was a minor US chart hit for the pair, peaking at No. 28 Adult Contemporary and No. 42 on the hot country singles chart, [4] though it was a more substantial hit in the UK in 1992, reaching No. 13 on the UK Singles Chart . In 1993, the song recharted on the US Adult Contemporary chart, peaking at No. 40. [5]

Balladeer Vince Gill cranked up the steel guitars and the electric guitars for his rousing number What The Cowgirls Do . The song is upbeat, catchy, and a tribute to all the great cowgirls out there. For as long as their have cowboys there have been girls to keep them company. Even if the cowboys would leave for life on the range there were always new cowgirls waiting in the next town. But don’t feel too bad for those girls. They have done a little leaving of their own over the years as well. Getting down and having fun isn’t just a cowboy thing. It’s what the cowgirls do.

Gene Pitney Sings Just For YouGene Pitney Sings Just For YouGene Pitney Sings Just For YouGene Pitney Sings Just For You