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I think we are in a good spot 2 years out - we need to find a settled 6 and a back-up 8, work out who really are the 4 best midfielders, and choose from the usual range of wing/fullback options. There are always newbies, certain positions are asking for a bolter: a 4th lock, 6/8, 3rd halfback strike me as the most likely.

George was born on Jersey Island in 1851 and died in 1909 at Calgary, Alberta. His first marriage was at Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1884. His second marriage was to Sarah Jane MacLeod, who was born in 1893 at Meaford, Ontario and died in 1947 at Calgary, Alberta. There were six children in the family. George was a scout with the NWMP and after coming to Calgary, was a harness maker with Great West Calgary in 1889.

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“My Winfield Main Street neighbor Susan at IYarn participates in a project called Chase the Chill and I thought a coat project would compliment her scarves and hats nicely,” Shepherd said. “ Chase the Chill is an annual graffiti/yarn bombing event that distributes handmade scarves in public places so that those in need—regardless of income and without any qualifiers—can help themselves.  I have put about 15 new coats out and they are almost all gone.  

That doesn’t mean I Made Bogey is necessarily going to prevail, though. Trademark suits are expensive to defend, and there’s no guarantee the maker of Titties hats will come out on top. If you want a lewd golf hat, act sooner rather than later.

Patrick Cowley Going Home Tech No Logical WorldPatrick Cowley Going Home Tech No Logical WorldPatrick Cowley Going Home Tech No Logical WorldPatrick Cowley Going Home Tech No Logical World