Roches the roches - Les Roches: Top ranking International Hospitality / Hotel.

In the late 1960s, eldest sister Maggie (October 26, 1951 [4] – January 21, 2017 [5] ) and middle sister Terre (pronounced "Terry", born April 10, 1953 [4] ) had attended Park Ridge High School , [6] But dropped out of school to tour as a duo. Maggie wrote most of the songs, with Terre contributing to a few. The sisters got a break when Paul Simon brought them in as backup singers on his 1973 #2 album There Goes Rhymin' Simon . They got his assistance (along with an appearance by The Oak Ridge Boys ) on their only album as a duo, Seductive Reasoning (1975). Shortly after that, youngest sister Suzzy (rhymes with "fuzzy", born September 29, 1956 [4] ) joined the group to form The Roches trio.

 · "The Roches " is the 1979 eponymous debut album by The Roches . The album was well received. Jay Cocks in Time wrote that their music "is startling ...

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