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"large baboon," 1744, perhaps ultimately from an African language, but formed into English components man + drill () "baboon," which is of origin. The earliest reference reports the name is what the animal was "called by the white men in this country" (Sierra Leone). French mandrill , Spanish mandril seem to be from English.

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Mandrill births occur from January to May. [42] Most births in Gabon occur in the wet season, from January to March, and gestation usually lasts 175 days. [41] In captivity, 405 days separate each birth. [41] Young are born with a black natal coat and pink skin. The females do most of the raising of the young. Alloparenting exists in this species, with female relatives providing care for the young. [43] Males leave their natal groups when they are six years old and stay along the boundary of the social group. [24] [36]

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