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As a drummer/backing singer, Abbot founded the Black Abbots in Chester during the mid-1960s and released several singles to modest chart success on minor labels in the early 1970s. [3] The band only signed their first major recording contract in 1977, putting out a series of comedy singles and a lone live album with Abbot now taking lead vocals, before disbanding in 1980. [4] Later on he appeared as a comedian, winning the Funniest Man On Television award five times. Abbot appeared on the television show The Comedians under his birth name (Russ Roberts). [2] From 1980 onward, he released some albums as a solo artist, and appeared in several TV series. The most successful of his music singles was called "Atmosphere", [5] which did well in the UK top 10, peaking at #7 in 1984. [ citation needed ]

Madhouse 16Madhouse 16Madhouse 16Madhouse 16