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Wild Style takes place in 1981 in New York and centers around graffiti artists, Zoro (played by Lee QuiƱones) and his encounters with an uptown journalist named, Virginia (played by Patti Astor). [6] More so than its story, however, the film is notable for featuring several prominent figures from early hip hop culture such as Busy Bee Starski , Fab Five Freddy , The Cold Crush Brothers and Grandmaster Flash . [7] Throughout the movie there are scenes depicting activities common in the early days of hip hop. These include MCing, turntablism, graffiti and b-boying. The film demonstrates the interconnections between music, dance and art in the development of hip hop culture.

The world's smallest giant, Johnny Parkinson, takes you on a musical, spiritual and sexual journey with a sound track of nonstop classics. The giants of soul, rare groove and just a little classic funk, hosted by the giant himself. Remember, height is not a number.

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