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I am typically logging where I can't get a vehicle right to the felled tree, only manpower at my disposal. The LogOX timberjack attachment made the job of bucking the felled sections easier, while the LogOX pickaroon attachment made skidding bucked rounds to the vehicle a much simpler task. When at the truck the original LogOX hauler made simple work of getting those rounds lifted up and into the bed of the truck.
I wish I had the LogOX years ago. It would saved a few trips to the chiropractor!

Try to get a portable heater near to the Dog if they simply won’t seem to stop shivering. Oil filled radiators are always a good choice in my opinion. Better than portable gas heaters as they don’t make so much condensation in the house.

I Can’t Get Past the Part in Dark Souls 3 ... past the part where my wife threatens to take the kids ... since my wife gave me the silent treatment three ...

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Hello Robert, you need to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknessess. When introducing yourself to a potential employer, make a lighthearted joke of your stutter. This shows them that it isn’t an issue to you – which will make them think it won’t be an issue for them. It isn’t something you can control, so rather than trying to hide it, embrace it. All the best with your job search Robert.

this helped a lot i started body boarding not long ago and got passed smoothly but i did it wrong once and that took the confidence away from me but this will help i will practice in a swimming pool.

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Interesting results! I am a giraffe and will definitely read the book to brush up on my life mastery skills so that I do not become lost in the food chain! Thanks for sharing your brilliance, Stefan! 😀

Why it was curious: Wilson likely would have had a hard time finding the end zone from 17 yards out, and the Seahawks had only 7 seconds on the clock with one timeout left. Even if Wilson got the yard needed for a first down, Seattle wouldn't have had time for a shot into the end zone before attempting a field goal. Carroll said the Seahawks thought they could score a touchdown on that play and that, at worst, Wilson could have run out of bounds to stop the clock. "It would have been a really good call if we made it," he said. Carroll also wasted a timeout in the fourth quarter with what felt like was an unnecessary challenge of a dropped pass by Baldwin.

Take Three Cant Get Enough Of Your Love RemixTake Three Cant Get Enough Of Your Love RemixTake Three Cant Get Enough Of Your Love RemixTake Three Cant Get Enough Of Your Love Remix