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Nat King Cole’s “ The Christmas Song ” still holds up as the best, despite being performed by artists as varied and talented as Bob Dylan, the Carpenters, and Aretha Franklin—his simple phrasing and charming musical accompaniment continue to make his version a classic. According to Slate intern Katie Kilkenny, Michael Bublé’s 2011 “ I’ll Be Home for Christmas ” is definitive because of its classic interpretation with only a slight, jazzy update. “The bass guitar, piano, and cymbal in the back of the song adds a nice mellow accompaniment to Buble’s always-reliable vocals,” she says, “recalling old-fashioned live singers at holiday parties.” And forget Dean Martin’s popular turn with “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”— Slate writer Jennifer Lai prefers the “flirtatiousness and coquettishness” of Johnny Mercer and Margaret Whiting’s 1949 duet. “The singers are obviously teasing each other and having fun with singing,” she says, “while Martin's version makes him sound like he's had quite a few too many to drink (and isn't really into his female companion).”

Lou Rawls Let Me Be Good To YouLou Rawls Let Me Be Good To YouLou Rawls Let Me Be Good To YouLou Rawls Let Me Be Good To You