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Africans were first brought to Jamestown, Virginia, in 1619. However, their status as slaves or indentured servants remains unclear. Philip S. Foner pointed out the differing perceptions held by historians saying,

It’s not just white viewers who are squirming. Among the smartest pieces written about the film is one by Jelani Cobb, published last week on The New Yorker ’s Culture Desk blog. Cobb, a history professor, argues that Django Unchained is “ not a riff on history ,” but “ a riff on the mythology we’ve mistaken for history ,” and that Tarantino seems unaware of that distinction. The piece is worth reading in full, but ultimately it gets the movie wrong by misinterpreting the crucial—and controversial—character played by Jackson.

Slave Unchained At LastSlave Unchained At LastSlave Unchained At LastSlave Unchained At Last