Music machine time out - Bonniwell Music Machine - Time Out (For A Daydream) - 1968

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A Time Machine show is a highly energized party, with songs that are recognizable and are meant to pack the dance floor. Complete with costumes and professional production, and seasoned musicians that are great to work with, a Time Machine show is a must for your next Corporate Event or City Celebration.

On ‘Delta Machine’ that means a whole hour of warped, distorted and fidgety synthesisers colliding with mutated blues guitar stomps. ‘Alone’ is a chilly, pulsing ballad, ‘Soothe My Soul’ a triple-time slammer, and on closing track ‘Goodbye’, guitars and synths alternate and then bleed into one another, making the last minute of the album an awesomely fuzzy electrical storm. Despite constant ill-health and a history of heroin addiction, Dave Gahan sings like a superhuman, howling on ‘Angel’ like two Nick Caves.

Music Machine Time OutMusic Machine Time OutMusic Machine Time OutMusic Machine Time Out