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In addition to songs planned for a fourth studio album, numerous demos, studio outtakes /alternate takes, and jams have been released. [14] Albums of concert performances and compilations focusing on various aspects of Hendrix's work have been issued. From 1970 to 1992, his record companies Reprise Records in the US and Track Records / Polydor Records in the UK continued to handle his recordings. [14] MCA Records took over in 1992, during the controversial tenure of subsequent producer Alan Douglas . [2] Since 2010, Sony/Legacy Recordings has been distributing the releases produced by Experience Hendrix. [15] Besides legitimate releases, a large number of bootleg and grey market albums have appeared over the years. [16] Many of these have been reissued several times with different album titles, packaging, and song titles. [17] Some purporting to feature Hendrix as a sideman have been shown to be fake. [18] [19] To meet the demand, Dagger Records was established in 1998 to issue "official bootlegs" of albums "that don't meet the technical recording criteria" [20] and standards for mainstream release. [21] These have included live recordings from various points in his career as well as demo and rehearsal recordings. [2]

Jimi Hendrix Loose EndsJimi Hendrix Loose EndsJimi Hendrix Loose EndsJimi Hendrix Loose Ends