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Different drops are often used for children’s eye exams and occasionally for adults that have inflammation in the eye from contact lens injuries, eye trauma, or autoimmune diseases and they may keep eye dilated for several days. When atropine eye drops or ointment is used, occasionally  patients will experience dilated eyes for up to three weeks after the visit to the optometrists office. That’s a long time to not be able to see things close and suffer from light sensitivity!     Fortunately these stronger drops are typically reserved for use in very young children and toddlers. Well, it may be unfortunate from their perspective, but they usually don’t complain about it as vocally as teens and grownups do, so it is a little easier for everyone else around them.

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Ernie K Doe Come On Home Popeye JoeErnie K Doe Come On Home Popeye JoeErnie K Doe Come On Home Popeye JoeErnie K Doe Come On Home Popeye Joe