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The Canterville Ghost , based on the novel The Canterville Ghost , is a 1986 made-for-television film starring John Gielgud and Alyssa Milano .

Pink Panther shorts produced after 1969 (starting with A Fly in the Pink ) when The Pink Panther Show began airing were produced for both broadcast and theatrical release, typically appearing on television first, and released to theaters by United Artists. [1] A number of new series were created, including the very popular The Ant and the Aardvark , Tijuana Toads (. Texas Toads), Hoot Kloot , Misterjaw , Roland and Rattfink , The Dogfather and two Tijuana Toads spinoffs: The Blue Racer and Crazylegs Crane . The New Pink Panther Show and later shows featured newly animated bumper segments involving the Panther, the Ant and the Aardvark, Misterjaw, and the Texas Toads. [1]

Casper Groovy Ghost ShowCasper Groovy Ghost ShowCasper Groovy Ghost ShowCasper Groovy Ghost Show