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This avoids the need to go through varying steps of abrasiveness in different bottles to achieve a highly polished look. Many polishes also contain gloss enhancing oils which further help to provide a deep look shine to the paint work.

Apply the sealant in circular motions to 1/4 or 1/6 of the car. (You don't want sealant or wax to dry and sit for too long, which is why you work the car one section at a time.) Say you start with the hood, front fenders, and front bumper for the first section. When the sealant gets hazy, buff it out with a towel in the same circular motion with which you put it on, and move to another section, such as driver-side doors, side sills, and pillars. And don't forget the roof. Wrap a towel around the tip of a bamboo barbecue skewer and use that to sweep away dry wax from around emblems, decals, door handles, antenna mounts, and between body panels.

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Waxing provides smoother and longer lasting results by removing the hair from the root. Chemical creams only remove the hair right below the skin’s surface. Just be warned, these can be very irritating to the skin as the cream can cause burning if left on for too long.

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If you’re new to auto detailing on your own, then you might be wondering what exactly this stiff is made of. As you’ll see below, wax for your vehicle is either made from synthetic materials or carnauba wax. At this point, you’re probably thinking – carnauba wax vs synthetic wax: which is better? – right? Well, the answer is, it depends.

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Wax Right Between The Eyes Justo Entre Los OjosWax Right Between The Eyes Justo Entre Los OjosWax Right Between The Eyes Justo Entre Los OjosWax Right Between The Eyes Justo Entre Los Ojos