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“Mr X” could be seen placing his hands on two women's arms and hair, patting a third woman's head and putting his mouth towards a fourth woman's arm.

OCTOBER 27 - with Tim Key, Sam Fletcher
NOVEMBER 24 - with Nina Conti, Sam Simmons
DECEMBER 22 - with Rob Delaney, Josie Long

(The funniest claim about ObamaCare in today’s New York Times is the statement that 20 million citizens got access to health care under the so-called Affordable Care Act. Really? You mean they got health insurance policies with $8000-deductables, when they don’t even have $500 in savings to pay for car repairs? What planet do The New York Times editorial writers live on?)

On Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 , an update to the Start menu known as the "Start screen" was introduced. It covers the entire screen and no longer features the right column. It shows much larger tiles for programs and, whenever possible, displays dynamic content supplied by the program directly on the tile itself (known as a "live tile"), behaving similarly to a widget . [2] For instance, the live tile for an email client may display the number of unread emails. The Start screen allows users to uninstall their programs by right-clicking on them and selecting "Uninstall". Pinned apps can be placed in groups. The search box is initially hidden but can be viewed by clicking the search button on the charms bar and can also be brought up as it receives a keyboard input. True to its name, the Start screen is the first screen that a user sees upon login .

Formed in 1988 in their home town of Toronto, Canada, their first album 'Gordon', sold over 5000,000 copies in Canada, outselling artists such as U2 and Michael Jackson. For a time they were even nicknamed the 'Canadian Housemartins', after the UK's own melodic, humorous popsters.

Larks in Transit is a compendium of travellers' tales and the general shenanigans of twenty years as a travelling comedian. With musical virtuosity, surreal tangents and trademark intelligence, he tackles politics, philosophy, the pursuit of happiness, death metal, ringtones... and an excruciating encounter with Paul McCartney. Two decades of life as a comic filtered through what the Daily Telegraph calls 'the brainiest comic of his generation'..

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Indifferent Dance Centre Flight PursuitIndifferent Dance Centre Flight PursuitIndifferent Dance Centre Flight PursuitIndifferent Dance Centre Flight Pursuit