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Illinois has a reputation of passing strict data privacy legislation . The state’s Biometric Information Privacy Act prohibits tech companies from using biometric identifiers—like face scans and fingerprints—without consent. Their Right To Know Act—which passed in May, but was put on hold—requires companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google to disclose what data has been collected from consumers and shared with third parties.

'I’m glad we were able to get some rescued, but we did lose three Americans,' Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said as he was leaving the Capitol, where he attended President Barack Obama’s second inauguration.

Chaos implies freedom, adaptability, and flexibility. On the downside, chaos can include recklessness, resentment toward legitimate authority, arbitrary actions, and irresponsibility. Those who promote chaotic behavior say that only unfettered personal freedom allows people to express themselves fully and lets society benefit from the potential that its individuals have within them.

Half Pint Freedom Fighter Hold OnHalf Pint Freedom Fighter Hold OnHalf Pint Freedom Fighter Hold OnHalf Pint Freedom Fighter Hold On