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Not true, actually Spanish names usually end in ez or es. Google it and also google the last name mendes, it comes from Spain. I’m 99% sure he has Spanish in him.

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Writer/Director - Sergio Cilli Starring: David Harris, Allyn Rachel, Luka Jones, Andree Vermeulen Director of Photography - Katherine Sheenan Producer - Saba Zerehi ...

SM :
Yes, yes. That's absolutely right. That's what I want people to take from going there. Like look, we're in Venice, California. You have the ocean, the sun, the beauty, beach, the boats. So you can get a degree of happiness with the very basic. My experience too, in having friends from abroad going to Brazil, everybody says people there are very welcoming. They'll always find time to connect, to help. Plus in Brazil, the people get interested in people from other countries. They're curious. And they're always looking to connect, in a positive way. I've always had friends going to Rio, Bahia (pauses), well Sao Paulo is a lil' more complicated. It's a huge city, it is hard to identify where things are. It's a city with a lot of business, traffic, buildings, so Sao Paulo is a little more difficult. But if you go to an area where there's music and art, you'll also find it.

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Sergio Mendes The Great ArrivalSergio Mendes The Great ArrivalSergio Mendes The Great ArrivalSergio Mendes The Great Arrival