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were 0 for 2 as Caleb fastened on a fighting belt for his chance at a fish. The big snook is brought on board for a quick photo then back over the side for resuscitation and release. Visualize the mud minnow coming up off the bottom and landing right in front of a lethargic fish. You can purchase my book, Secrets from Floridas Master Anglers on the Snook Foundations website with proceeds going to the foundation. Pound-for-pound they will give you a better fight than many other fish we target. The soft plastic minnow's erratic swimming motion and hand-painted finish imitate an injured baitfish, while the flash and vibration of a Mepps spinner call attention to the presentation.

On a recent trip with Dennis and his brother Jeff we tangled with a couple of these brutes using the method described above. You almost cant go to slow, but you have to make lots of casts and cover lots of territory. I choose the Minnkota with remote control and auto pilot because of the type of fishing. As always, you can visit my website at m to view pictures of the fish we catch. Plan your trip in short time frames to begin with to find out how much your kids will tolerate without getting burned out. Following the cleanup, a picnic was held for the volunteers. Key Lime Braggin Time Well, its been a while since a report and I apologize. From flats boats to party barges many vessels were use in the effort. We were greeted with higher winds and a little cooler temperature as a cold front approached from the North. Now it haunts me sconto biglietti del treno per votazioni on every trip. A quick jerk or two and then let it rest for up to 30 seconds before jerking again. And yes, I will start my diet again this week.